“Everything a family would be looking for”

To whom this may concern,


This letter serves as a recommendation for Carrie’s House Preschool and Daycare, owned and operated by Carrie Gateff.  I work full time, and it’s hard to find a place that can provide a fun and comfortable environment who puts great emphasis on learning and growing into a child ready to move on to Kindergarten and beyond.  I met Carrie through a friend in the summer of 2008 and she started providing child care services for my daughter, who was one at the time.  My daughter always felt completely safe and secure in Carrie’s home. She offered many various educational activities, healthy snacks and meals, and an all-around fun yet disciplined atmosphere to be in.  The kindness and patience which she showed to all of the children in her care was outstanding; her home was always clean and kept child-proof (they do tend to be inquisitive!).  While in Carrie’s care, she learned everything from her ABC’s, numbers, letter and number recognition to opposites and same, shapes, music, and art.  She also learned life enhancement skills such as sharing, patience, and understanding.

After four terrific years my little girl is moving up into Elementary School, and while she couldn’t be more excited, she is sad to be leaving a place that has been such a large part of her childhood thus far.  Overall, I would definitely recommend Carrie’s House as a child care and preschool provider for any other family in need of these services. With her background experience and strong abilities to connect with children, she can definitely offer everything a family would be looking for.


Brandon Phelps

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