Infants and Toddlers


I love infants and a lot of time, care continues to toddler age and preschool.   We play games such as ‘peek-a-boo’ or ‘pat-a-cake’. Sturdy cardboard books are provided and read to them. Toys that are responsive to the infant’s actions, such as grasping toys that require different types of manipulation, skill-development materials such as stacking materials or activity boxes and containers to fill and empty; also a selection of balls of different sizes, textures, colors, bells and rattles. This supports eye-hand coordination.

Infants love toddlers, follow them, watch them and LEARN from them.  Infants advance much faster.

Our consistent schedule provides expectation and stability; free play, Storytime, meal time, music and outside time plus for preschoolers, curriculum


Toddlers are given opportunities to learn through small and large motor skills, music, stories, water play, puppets, puzzles, sorting, building blocks, sand box, picnics, chalk, outside art, games, climbing, balls, sensory bins, painting and so much more.   This age is so fun!

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