Teaching 2’s and 3’s is an adventure for them.  Take a theme, such as dolphins, and build around it with a video showing where they live, what they eat, what sounds they make, etc, computer games, questions about the dolphin, books, worksheets appropriate for their age.   A simple topic but has so much information and the love of learning is shown here.








       Summer is here!


Favorite summer activity is our weekly water day. Children learn best when they engage their senses.   Many of our favorite memories are associated with one or more of our senses.    Cognitive skills are sharpened by sensory play, problem-solving, and decision making; simply present a child with a problem and various materials with which to find a solution, and you can almost see the connections their brains are making.  Science skills such as cause and effect (what happens when I add water to sand?), gravity (water slides down a funnel, not up), and states of matter (ice melts). Without realizing it, children grow into amateur scientists by making predictions and observations and even develop analytical skills.

Water Day!

Sensory play encourages children to use descriptive and expressive language and to find the meaning behind essentially meaningless words or gibberish. Take, for instance, the word “slimy.” Sure, you can explain what it means

with different adjectives, but until you experience something slimy firsthand, that’s all it will be: words.  Children develop prewriting skills as they pour, spoon, grasp, and work on eye-hand coordination tasks while using various materials.

Certain sensory play options, like sensory tables, allow children to be in complete control of their actions and experiences, which boosts their confidence in decision making and inspires their eagerness to learn and experiment. Sensory play can also teach kids about cooperation and collaboration.  As the children work together or side by side, they learn to understand someone else’s viewpoint. The children also have the opportunity to express themselves and become confident in sharing their ideas with others.

Sensory play benefits the development of fine motor skills by encouraging manipulation of materials, such as mixing, measuring, pouring and scooping, while other examples, such as exploring surfaces, lifting, throwing, rolling and water play, help develop gross motor skills. Even recruiting your child to help you build a sensory table for future explorations is exercising motor skills.

Sensory play provides open-ended opportunities where the process is more important than the product; how children use materials is much more important than what they

make with them.  Prompting your child to think creatively in order to solve problems or engage in make-believe helps them express their creativity and build self-esteem.

As you can see from the photos, the kids really enjoy this activity! Adding bubbles to the adventure makes it even more exciting, or providing wash clothes to wash toys, or watering plants, pouring water down a slide, hanging a water hose from a limb with a slow drip into the water table gives children the sound of water and they can fill cups up over and over….the ideas are endless!!


Begin by asking where does water come from? What are some things we do with water? Who lives in the water? And more questions, I am always surprised with toddlers’ answers and how much they know about our themes. So we begin to explore ‘water’.

In our water table we went fishing, had such a blast! We put boats in the water! And made our own big boat with a box.

Keep in mind we are learning through play. It is the way children learn best. Splashing in puddles, watering seeds or making a rainbow are all fun activities to learn about water, but there’s more….

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Dear Miss Carrie: Thank you for the peek-a-boo books. I love them! I sit in my mom's lap and read them with her! I also wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have you as my care taker! You're the best lady in the whole world and don't know what I'd do without you!
I love you, Emma
Carrie - Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you have given to Ashley. It takes a special person to do your job and you do it well. I know Ashley loved staying with you. We will all miss you! Thanks again.
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Thanks so very much for taking care of our precious Devon. I always felt at ease when I knew he was in your care. I know he was safe at your house. Thanks for teaching him all the good stuff. Especially the singing! I love it when he sings at home. Thanks again and take care,

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We love you also , Brian and Kaci
We want to thank you for all you have done for Jackson. You have provided a nurturing environment for him which has truly helped him grow. You are a wonderful caregiver and we will always care for you deeply. You've made a difference in our child's life and we will never forget that, thank you.
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We feel so blessed that Zachary is in your care. He has learned so much and loves going to see you. Thank you for taking such good care of our son.

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Miss Carrie: You took care of me when I had no hair, and when it came to love you were always there. Being with you was second to non, and I'll never forget all the games and fun. What can I say, But thanks SO MUCH and won't you please, keep in touch? I love You!
Thank you so much for always taking such great care of Logan. I never have to worry when I drop him off in the morning because I know that he is in great hands. I know he enjoys being there because he doesn’t even say goodbye to me in the mornings. The minute I put him down he is off to play with the other kids. You provide a safe, warm...
After four terrific years my little girl is moving up into Elementary School, and while she couldn’t be more excited, she is sad to be leaving a place that has been such a large part of her childhood thus far. Overall, I would definitely recommend Carrie’s House as a child care and preschool provider for any other family in need of these services.
Brandon Phelps

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