7:30-8:30             Arrival, Breakfast, TV, Free play

8:30-9:00             Clean up, free play, diapers

9:00-9:30             Outside play

9:30-10:00           AM Snack

10:00-11:00         Morning Curriculum, younger toddlers free play, Diapers

11:30-11:45          Lunch

11:45-12:30          Storytime, get cots out for nap, potty/diapers

1:00-3:00/3:30     Nap/Rest

3:00-4:00             Clean up, diapers, snacks

4:00-4:30             Outside play

4:30-5:00              Wash up, Afternoon curriculum

5:00-5:30             Prepare to go home, pick up time/ Music and dance

5:30-6:00             Departure

Infants are need base and have their individual schedules.

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